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Queens, Nucs & Top Bar Hives

Queens and four-frame nucs are available for sale while they last!


You don't have to road-trip to "deliverance country" to get your bees or top bar hives!


Available for pick-up (only) on Vashon Island (Wash.), in spring, when available, we offer overwintered, open-mated local hybrid queens housed in four-frame (Langstroth) nucs in extremely limited quantity; these are housed ready to go in a cardboard nuc box; you keep the frames. We closely monitor our mother hives for hygienic behavior, temperament and winter hardiness and use the best survivors for breeding. (We also closely vet our beekeeping buyers because we want to be sure these excellent bees are going to capable hands; these are NOT the same as packages from commercial migratory leftovers.) Queens sold on their own may be available throughout the season. Email to get on the call list and for pricing. Sorry, no shipping.


Our queens and nucs are priced competitively and you get the benefit of a Southwest King County resource central to West Seattle, Tacoma and Port Orchard.  We are in walking distance of the North End Vashon ferry (for those buying queens). Note that being on the call list does not obligate you to buy, nor does it guarantee Mother Nature will cooperate to meet demand; we cannot control the weather and effects of climate change. We call down in order of when the request was received so be sure to call early or before the season begins to get on the list. 


Top bar hive bodies

Our one-of-a-kind top bar hives are the result of time and artistry, guaranteed to be a showpiece in any garden but fully functional for the patient art of top bar beekeeping.  Please email for dimensions, shipping and pricing.

Bees in their Natural Habitat