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Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal

Before you call a chemical exterminator, know that Birds and Bees Vashon can do effective chemical-free removal. We get many calls from people unsure of whether they have a honeybees or wasp/hornet nest, and sometimes it's even a friendly impostor. Wasp/hornet removal fees start at $50; a service call is $25 if no nest is removed. In-wall infestations requiring cut-outs (abatement) can be bid; David is a licensed and bonded carpenter able to abate and repair, if desired.


Curious to learn what's behind that wall or under a deck? We utilize FLIR imaging to check for heat signatures in these situations so you can also "see" the nest location and size.


We offer one free follow-up visit within two weeks for the same nest, if needed, since our removal is chemical-free and wasps are tenacious opportunists. We are also happy to share tips and best practices with the homeowner on how to keep these critters from returning and rebuilding.

This removal service is available ONLY on Vashon Island, but we offer fee-based phone consults to off-island customers on best removal practices. 

When contacting us, here's a checklist of what will help us:

  • Location of nest (home or yard, how high up, in wall, in ground, hanging from eave or tree/shrub)

  • Do you have a photo of the critter (or nest) to text or email?

  • Level of emergency (are they in your entry path? Are they stinging you or your pets?)

  • When did you first notice them?

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