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Birds and Bees Vashon is a family operation based on beautiful Vashon Island, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.


We build custom top bar hives, chicken coops, raise queen honeybees and nucs, and help new beekeepers. Our honeybees are raised on island without any chemical treatments.

Birds & Bees Vashon in Pictures
Our Services


Birds and Bees Vashon offers services on Vashon Island. We also offer limited tele-consultations:


  • On-Site Consultations

  • Chemical-Free Wasp and Hornet Removal (fee-based)

  • Honeybee Swarm Removal

  • Hive Byproducts & Apitherapy

  • Custom-Built Coops and Hives

  • Group/Private Beekeeping Instruction

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